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Word of the Week: SELF-CONTROL

  • February 23, 2015


This week's "Word of the Week" is SELF-CONTROL.  At the beginning of every class students recite the "Tenants of Tae Kwon Do" : "Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverence, Self-Control, Respect, and Victory."  Self-control refers to having power and control over your own actions.  If children are taught the skill of self-control at an early age, they will feel better about the decisions and choices that they make. It is also another component in helping to develop positive self-esteem.   Having self-control can be something as simple as choosing to only eat 2 slices of pizza instead of 5, but it can also mean not giving into peer pressure when people you are hanging around with are not making the right choices and you decide to "walk away".  Self-control pays off in every area of your life.  With good self-control, you achieve more at work and in your career, have better relationships, enjoy better health and have better finances.