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Word of the Week: Goal Setting

  • September 02, 2014

Goal Setting


A goal is something that you really want and have to try hard to achieve.


A goal can be an object like a bike, toy, new belt, or a t-shirt.


A goal can be to learn to do something new like ride your bike, swim in the pool, tie your shoes, or read a book.


A goal can be to feel or be a certain way: like to be happy more, to help more people, to be more organized, or to have more patience.


What is your Goal?  What do you really want?  How long will it take to get this goal?


Please help your child to set a goal.

Fill in the goal setting mountain to get a life skill stripe.


------Cut this portion off and return it in class----


My name is _________  and I really want ___________________________!!!





My goal is?


When do I want It?










Step 5














Step 4















Step 3















Step 2















Step 1