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Self Defense

Pambuan Arnis is a Classical Arnis System from Santa Cruz, Laguna, Phillipines.  Ama Guru Raffy Pambuan in herited his family's system of Arnis from his father Lolo Guro Isidro Pambuan.  He brought the art with him from the Phillippines in 1983 when he moved to the United States.  In 1993, he was convinced to begin teaching his art to a select group of students.  In 1996, Ama Guro was inducted into the World Head of Family Sokeship Council.  Today, he continues to teach a small group of dedicated students.  Karate Charlotte's own Mike Streicher is proud to train under Ama Guro and passionate about sharing and preserving the art.  This class will provide training on the following:

Solo Baston (Single Stick)

Doble Baston (Double Stick)

Daga Depensa (Knife Defense)

Mano-Mano (Hand to Hand)