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Reasons to Choose Karate


It's a proven fact that Karate boosts self-confidence for all ages. You'll be encouraged to take chances

and push yourself further than you ever thought possible. The success you experience through our program

teaches you how much you can achieve if you believe in yourself. improved confidence can lead to better

performance at school, at work, in sports and in extracurricular activities - helping you face all of life's

challenges with a positive outlook.



Karate teaches two forms of self-defense. One is physical - you'll improve your strength, flexibility and

overall health. You'll learn to strike with tremendous power and skill. Hopefully you'll never need to fight,

but should the occasion arise, you'll know how to protect yourself.


The second form of self-defense is internal. Our students learn to spot danger and stay clear of dangerous

people, places and activities. Karate can help you avoid the need for a physical confrontation, which

may be the most valuable skill of all.


Positive Attitude

Our programs are designed to be positive and inspirational. We'll keep you motivated and thinking about

progress and goals. Our staff and students are all success-oriented and focused on looking for the good

in all situations. You can expect to go home from class with lifted spirits and renewed energy and enthusiasm.


Improved Health

Our classes will dramatically improve your cardiovascular health. With Karate, your resting heart rate

decreases while your ability to maintain an increased heart rate increases. You'll breathe better, sleep

better and feel more energized all day long. You may even discover that you're more resistant to colds

and the flu - and if you do become sick, your recovery time can be faster than ever.


Losing Weight

If weight loss is your goal, our classes help you go the distance. You'll burn tons of calories, build

muscle and kick your metabolism into high gear. Our workouts are a great way to shed those unwanted pounds

while reshaping your body and toning your arms, legs and waistline. Stick with Karate long enough and you may

even develop those prized six-pack abs.