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"We always wanted our children to study martial arts and feel very fortunate to have connected with Mr. Streicher as he opened his new school in Charlotte. It was obvious to us from the beginning that he was very experienced and enjoyed working with kids. We are so proud of our 9-year-old twin boys, Drew & Ryan, who recently received their black belts and have enjoyed watching them gain self-confidence and accomplish so much for their age. Mr. Streicher and his staff have always been patient and encouraging along their journey and have integrated courtesy & respect with their martial arts training. What awesome skills they have learned to take along in life's journey!"
-Shirley & Mike Mitchell
"Karate Charlotte has become an integral part of our family. In addition to learning self-defense, our son has developed leadership skills, self-confidence, and attitude of never giving up and interpersonal skills that will last a lifetime. For our son, there is a self imposed expectation of achievement through regional and national competition that is truly amazing to see at such a young age and demonstrates the quality of instruction he has received. We highly recommend Mr. Streicher's programs to anyone who seeks disciplined courteous behavior from their children. Adults programs are available where students will not only gain physical skills but also develop relationships with a truly great group of people while striving to be their best."
-Brad & Suzanne McLester
"Karate Charlotte has been a blessing that we didn't see coming. We came in for an introductory session for our oldest son...and 2 years later, we are still here. We saw very quickly that it was a positive and controlled environment where our son could build self-esteem. With patience and guidance, they have given a successful outline to motivate and encourage each child's potential for growth inside and out. The programs available to each student are also something to applaud; from the reading program, to goal setting and helping teach other classes. Along the way we found a Karate Charlotte family as well. The parents of all the kids have been a bonus and we can't imagine being enrolled anywhere else. What started as one, we now have both our children enrolled and most importantly is that They Love It!"
-Stacy & Kelly Dunn